Die, I dare you, the Phoenix said


“…At the height of augmentation, they represent our planets potential in singular, immaculate, beauty; Ballius: Sculpted bone and elegance, and his pre-ordained mate: the flawless Demeuax, but look now, as they are changed again…”

‘The Silent Mallyene is a primary example of the world’s intuitiveness to strive against pollution and mutate along with the changes of the toxic atmosphere. The nuisance of the airs now poisonous content is no problem for this fruit producing shrub. The high phosphorus content of the world’s atmosphere that rains into our soils creating its reddy complexion has produced what are termed as the planets new breed of Primus Bryophytes, or ‘new shrubs’ as they are more commonly known. The Silent Mallyene (taking its name from the constriction of the larynx and asphyxiative death which occurs in the incorrect consummation of its fruit) is a prime example of the hardening that occurs in much of our remaining plant life. Its globe-like red leaves houses its inner fruit which is the target of its forester.
The eye of the fruit sitting inside its ornate shell is quite edible, but if touched by even a glimpse of its leafy hood will suffer its same contaminated fate. If removed without contact the forester may eat its small prize.
Be ‘nimble’ if you wish to place this fruit on your dinner plate, or else enjoy the same experience of the first botanical researcher who decided to taste it.’ (New Planet Survival Book, p 181)

‘They say that you’re gifted in many quarters’ young Pstius, You shall be my star pupil young lady!’
Immeasurability squared to a singular multiplying apex, and several more unknown factors as Pstius’s replied chuckling.
The mathematics teacher died instantly, with enough time in his over whelmed heart to feel absolute oblivion and helplessness before it burst.
It bored Pstius to speak without song, in what she saw as a burdensome language, but she managed a few words as she suggested that the obese teacher kept his lusts to himself in a small whisper into his ear as he lay dead on the floor, as she re-animated his body with several words.
The teacher walked towards the young Pstius in the hallway and smiled at her in silence before greeting Balius and Demeaux, knowing that seeing the child had somehow solved an equation he had pursued throughout four marriages and most of his pompous life without success. Pstius smiled up at the teacher, trying not to laugh.

Particles of dust began to rise from the ground near Demeuax’s ankles as the ground felt the force of her body soaring. Ballius placed Pstius’s arms around his neck as he too prepared for the crossing, seeing that Demeuax was looking solidly at the area they had to reach over the chasm, certain of their ability to make it.

“Hey, how are you doing?” The brain and spinal columns of the two house births might be saying to each other in the gloom, their twitching nerves dance as they pass each other-thinking about touching each other. They don’t however, apart from two entwining nerves that happen to brush past each other outside of the surgeon’s control. Saying ‘hello!’ to each other, as they pass. As people do.

The view was attaching their bodies to the cityscapes flow of crumbling buildings. The familiarities of networking predictions crawled to the front of Ballius’s frontal lobes as he tried to touch them in the air beyond them, “We’ve got – to go,” Demeuax said, suffering herself from the erosion of synthetic implants inside her.

Ballius smiled as he felt worms dancing inside the blackout, showing him sets of resource calculations that he normally worked with in luminous dancing bursts; decisions within the industrial system tried to act in him still, unrealising that his normal thought patterns were being eroded.

He tried to grip them and get back to work- Demeuax tried to utter more words, but the joint sensation of the city view and the shock of feeling the same affect within them were hard to dismiss, as her their bodies leaked a confused mixture of blood and synthetics on the floor.

A passing herd of air haulers and commercial ships caught Demeuax’s interest the most. She pointed an inebriated finger at them as they collided in the distance; lit by the gaps in dark cloud where brief accounts of constructions could be seen altering in formation and falling from the sky. Remaining light came from the lower explosions at the cities base, where buildings eased their way down to the ground, providing a meeting place for the vehicles that had flown above.

A swarm of child-sized couriers groped in the sky as they passed into the melting heap on the city floor. Demeuax could see the faint signs of their arms and legs panicking to regain control of their flight in the distance. The energy current separating the open hall from the outside atmosphere dissipated; sending the immediate fury of the cities excited air flow into their faces.

They turned to each other in the high winds of the living tower. They continued to twitch as their bodies secreted the steady flow of eroding in-organic materials. The chaos of the city streets was everywhere now. The hall exposed its real structure of dull matter-also affected by the erosion. The failing floor caused them to stumble to their knees. Ballius looked up in the haze, as Demeuax did. Their palms and elbows fell into the floor as they watched the slabs fall from the entrance to the hall a hundred or so meters away.

Straight into the fall.

Nothing powered the alarms.

They removed each lodged foot, moving towards the exit. The felt the soft collapse of the tower as a dip in the floor relaxed down into an opening crater. Flying parts of air vehicles permeated the hall ejecting their contents and pilots.

Ballius shifted them to one side as a screaming courier flew into the melting hall head first. The small pilot scrambled in the middle of the dipping floor and disappeared through the tear in its middle. They crawled backwards to try and prevent themselves from heading the same way.

“We can, go-too…!” Demeuax said in the rush of air coming up from the spreading mouth. Gas rushed up from the liquefying hole, creating a small vortex that expanded in the room, “There’s too much – falling through” Ballius tried to shout over the rushing atmosphere. He grabbed under her arm dragging them back to the side of the room where the last parts of the floor held.

Lying flat, he looked out where they had been standing in silence only minutes before. The hall was high enough to place the view below into a blended map of dull kicking lights and shadow. Ballius dragged them further until one more yard would take them completely off the edge.

He sunk his grip into Demeuax’s arm judging between the two options. Demeuax shouted something trying to break free from it. They blinked in the submerging effect of the environment surrounding.

Underwater, Ballius dug around for Demeuax’s limbs, closing around her like giant a sarcophagus twice her size.

Once each of her arms was secured under his, he pushed back a few more times, bending his head forward and down over hers.

Another kick from his legs launched them out, and into the blasting air.


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