Our Earth Quake Jacket

Germs in the mouths of cannons
their armature neither night or day, but glowing
in types of shadow past eye flash
engineering themselves in laughter, smelling, changing, in the tip of a firefly-before it thinks, or truly lives

Glowing, in the buzz-hum with a perfect way of rolling
over each other in geometric bliss-mating
like shadows flying from the hands of a tribesman, in the ceremony of his eyes – – explaining to his love
that she is the stealth of his blood, and that the camera watching has lungs too, like you or ‘I’. Stripped negatives from chests sing from a line of animals hung in a black room

The only thing to remind the city of its eternal face, wetness clinging to each peg – all augmenting themselves, transforming drains into ventricles and aorta’s-opening, the sighing pool-mass we see has a slight curve along its far corners – slight – returning its shape to us inside the battery, and eons of humbling war, and the vat contained molasses,

And the occasional faces of god
in flickers, of red saluting static, across the landscape.
Our time is linked as the day shifts, workers conducting the days lips
joining sculptures uniformed in nakedness
steam glides across the deepening pool,
rhythms of the earth belt free from knowledge and chaos,
no life vermin,

No energy separated from birth,
or the simpleness of walking beside you
Where we always are,
in the climbing paths of voiced and unvoiced back world flowers, which hope without thought,
and never begin
until they are named,
and known within cell,
microbes repeating their art.

A nightingale crosses path with a worm
all of the lampshades tensing at once
holding the air up
completely still
transcending a tight fist until it bursts into a tree
placing its roots in the burning ground by melting its ice
traces near the opal shaped glass
where we purge our minds

Of transport beyond our own
intricate company
settling into one
and hearing nothing
that is not here
with us


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