The Lightening That Helps Us Walk

It will be alright by the lightening
it helps us walk
like itself

We walk up from the ceiling to window
of my flat

We link myth and flesh, easily, we talk looking out
amongst the cherub jokes and sinuous clouds, birth of our hands
shaking each others pulse as it comes

‘Death dance and phoenix breeze!’ We may say
the prayer down and wet
rolling down the slates
harmony in our butts
rolling back the storm, and watching it all

The night spills its last beer
like a weighted sweat, that cascades our faces, in our hands
held, stonger than the storm

The opera accepts
our tickets
slice us down with gallous

But where do our limbs stop being the night?

They do not, my love, so it seems, and spread the thunder wide
from our one hand
and to the other

Nails, skull, fist, driven! Up! From the worlds core!
A remedy
in scent

But the talent of our blood…
damming the poison, allowed to evolve
inside cell
and to be another – celestial light, that not only drives the heard,
but is at home in the energy of waking
life, that comforts and sleeps

The lightening passing down
through gelatenous night
caring that there is only sense in the warmth of our mind, our synapse grace

The float of our hands moving away from the globe,
un lapin mouvements de warren

A farmer gathering his flock as the night moves
chain smoker watching you cook

Another reason to storm the bellowing halls, one more toast to the sodden market

Brings the landscape to a halt, and strokes out its last weariness as apes walk, the amazonian peaks(!) haha, as the sunrise settles down
and into us; summits!

Made of nothing
but the story of your day, all that makes a man

And remember
that yours
are always waiting

And are willed by things
that I will never know
completely, but walk like lightening;

But when the storm comes, I will be beside you
letting you know
that it’s all damn false
if not
what we say


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