nothing walks better than the ‘day light shakes’
so you’ve been dancing too long and now the sun

You’re working today and the briefcases are deciding
to be hearts
instead of skin

You have decided the night
whilst it past
was not worth its sleep – the sun juice

–a dead man or woman, behind sand eyes!

The beers beers beers or maybe just, lack of touch
the previous day
(a dancer
in itself)
was enough to keep you
and moving until now

But stretch the ground!
with your feet
one after
an absolute laughter of free limbs apart from the world
escaping the need to run.

The sun
just another mouth openening
above yours
you’re commuting and already rolling your neck
like a sleeper
with a crook and a sigh

Because the night was rough.
and when you blink – your eyes water
and duty pulls you in
like an engorged seal
in a factory of silk

There is humour in your tiredness
however, as there is in mine!
there is just a rubber floor
beneath our feet
why we smile
(every now and then)

Getting on, with the daily beat
and each and every part
used up
from lip up to heart
arching back
the phone rings

You pick up
a cat sits
eating dogs
a low voice, contralto
below the voice
you hear
a piercing sound
the orchestra sings
in the open office
above the 4 ft walls
and above the water coolers

Again! But now we chuckle and loose the dead dross
as the customer does
and a sweep
just enough! To kill the day!

A little! Gambei gambie! toast toast toast! Philamae! Hi!
even swans wanna smile!
open up
to let the mouse move
to let the flutes devour
politey unwashed
Vermin! And even a sewer-river smiles!

A savage flux
by clock
quickened and quickened again
so no animal speaks
about the tick

No lights on
a blinding grace
which –

There already is –
the foundations laugh

The day flys
as the windows slam open

And she leaves inbetween
as you return to your desk,
turning your head
to watch it go
then disappear,
past where you can see, or we can go too-
but already
we have gone into that
and we
no more


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