All those arms…
All that movement!

Our deaths the way rivers are;
or no float

but some sense in losing
your eyes

This twist of daily flesh
mite flesh, lonely flesh, friendly kin
and other types of love which are made easier
than fox piss

Bellows me life, within flesh!

Built from sinew!

ignoring life

How we open into and into dune, how we open into what we are
when the waves are not so far, cadaver! Tell me more!

But tell me of what I know…

But carve it again

Hold my cold lips, know my love better, than myself

Perhaps as I kiss you in the sea, I weep, and gently
let me go, but do not—I place your hand, on a buoy

And the night is not night but dance
now, a living black

Bites tear the universe

My tongue an eclipsing sun and
i have lost

And so humanity


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