dark feline

Schizophrenia is a beautiful word
it makes good use of the mouth
and admires the tongue’s fragility

to curl
to arch
and play
as you say it

by rights
we already have a new King
and the Queen’s been renamed
after each part of the word

-Schi- is today’s smell
she’s tall
she’s worked all week
in a pristine office
and earned the right to sweat as she likes
in her own home
by her own rules

-Zo- is the breeding pattern of dogs and love

-Phrenia- never knows – anything
unless she dances with him like a cure
she has a perfect way of swaying
when snowed, so deeply under
that she gives the streets
back their grace

she undresses the evening
collapsing the day
in perfect comedy
and dialogue
with the ceiling’s sky

where only the feral
have ever lived

where only they
have ever moved.


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