For you

No passion lost

and so we are mighty, and the time we are together
a ghost leaves
so what else shall we say here in this room
because we are most likely here
a ghost walks through the walls
And out

And i passed a hand over his chest
and asked him:

‘Why do you wonder about so freely? And where have you come from?’
‘I search for Belle De Jour, and others.’ He said.
You know who I am don’t you?
you’ve known
and there is the way he glances at you
cannons for eyes
brash bold ugly feet
moving as he does
through the wall
through a mind
he answered actually, he asked:
and disappeared

Right through the damn wall
before I awoke

She touched my hips as he brushed by
every one of my damn hips

Tonight we give him back
in the hands of our own bodies
my whole body lifting off the floor
licking a hound

I felt it happen last night when I was with you
(and even now as I am without you)
so there is sadness
but at the time
my head left my skull
and there was song
and tequila drinking flesh

The feeling after
laying calm
the ghost

The poems come out regardless
different sizes
combing over the day

Like implants in pores
with you
cutting through

waking you again

The ghost kinetic lost
but still with you and the balls to dance

as read
and performed
by yourself
with others

I would allow another breathe
I would allow another blade to brush

but she has left
we continue
we see so much already

thoughts swing on our cheeks until death
let them swing here happy and sad like lame doe’s do stags
like there kiss is the real kiss, reaking of humanity, none
of it born

so we could connect here
in their joyous howl

dancing here for eleven

or having already
last night

we continue to descend
into darkness
continuing into sheer

what we could not do before
we do

regaining hope
and welcome fear

Near you I ‘m not alive
but something better
I stand
because I see you

You are different now
your neck and fur have become
the same as mine

we flock and unflock lucky abused absurd and together
where we all there

This ghost dishevels a blank leaf
a blank city born

and abused
by the fact we pay the damn things no attention anymore
our arms linked and stronger
than they may ground

and the freedom to move across it
the truth of our lives
tight and loosened
the devils bridge the same as an angels
Made from soil
fresh chaos
devouring care
Limit a man.

or woman for too long and they die
raise them higher than the earth
and we die in the sun

if there is more love than this we are lucky / and if there is not there is still time
never love like a coward
never love like a clown
Unclouded we breathe by the force of the ghost behind us
triviality loosened alive

the flow of two animals gripping gods

But there is only ourselves and the last we do to each other.
How can we live further, if you we do not believe in ourselves? And If our lust is never love,
we’ll never know.


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