Alpha poem

The Mouse and The Kingfisher

By the time we exchange animals in the light of dark
by the timing of all metronomy growing new embrace
a hybrid of virgins in the sulphur, and the mouth of ferocious winter
hypnotised by the vale as it lifts red mountains in sepulchre,
the rankest of emotion holds handfuls of sun;

The speed of past lightening, tepid, joyless, unmatched
visible with re-birth where morning is once again humane
wet with phoenix stares outside of days, bliss, and shadow clicks
bursting from tomorrows attire, stranger, older nights.

Eve extends her cocktail sleeping hand, shattering water,
her cigarette an adam, back to wire frames fused by light
with a prayer that returns the moors to many, obsolete stars
to let that which sucks fire replace feral hills
with silhouettes of time.


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